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May 21 - 26 2019



PCA AGM - October 25th 

October 25, 2018 at 7pm at JLA school library

Thank you to those that came out to our Parkridge Community Association AGM. We have some new volunteers on the executive so we greatly appreciate that.

We are able to continue on with our soccer programming due to a new volunteer. A big Thank You to Lea Maughn for all she did to build the soccer program back up again.

And a big Thank You to Kim Troesch for her work as Indoor Programming. Parkridge has been without programming for quite some time and we greatly appreciate the work she did to offer programs in the community. Unfortunately, we did not get someone to step up for this position so there will be no new programming in Parkridge at this time.

We appreciate your patience as our volunteers work diligently to set up these programs. Thank you to our hard working volunteers for setting up the programs and getting all the registrations completed. Also, without coaches, there will be no teams for your little ones. Please consider volunteering to coach. 

Clean up after our pets!! This time of year when the snow and ice are melting really bring out the mess our furry family members can make. As always, please remember to pick up after your pet. No walkways, yards or parks should have pet excrement. Pick up the Poo!!

Events coming up soon!!

Check back for upcoming events!

As always, if you are unable to make the meeting but have something to share, please don't hesitate to email either Michelle ( or Sally (

Looking forward to meeting many of you in the neighbourhood.