About Us

Parkridge is a residential community that saw its early construction in the 1980s. There was another blast of development in 2009-2010, nearly completing the existing community.  In 2015, plans and expansion occurred into the Parkridge Extension. The Parkridge Extension introduces 174 lots to the well-established Parkridge Community. Construction and development has included a new playground and walkways.  Exciting growth also happened adjacent in the new Blairmore community.  This development brought many new multi-unit housing projects as well as commercial ventures to the area.


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Goals & Initiatives

Safety Review

In March 2015, members of the Parkridge Community along with representatives from the City of Saskatoon conducted a safety review of a few of Parkridge’s walkways between roadways.  Some of the main concerns were lighting in the walkways as well as uneven concrete causing pooling of water and slippery conditions.  Read the summary of the review.

  • PDF of review.

Community Welcome Sign

The PCA is actively investigating the construction of a “Welcome to Parkridge” sign.  This will be a warm greeting to the residents and visitors traveling into Parkridge.  Check back for calls to action, updates etc.