Hello Parkridge Neighbours,

Well we thought spring was upon us but Mother Nature has other plans. A friendly reminder to clear your walkways and maybe take the time to clear a neighbours (especially for those snow birds). Also, with the thawing we saw, a reminder to clean up after our pets. Leaving the mess can result in a fine from the City of Saskatoon and it creates an unpleasant walking experience for everyone. Please do your part and pick up after your pets.

As the seasons turn, another turnover occurs. Winter gear gets put away and out come the bikes, spring sporting gear and avid and not so avid walkers. This is a great time to dust off the winter cobwebs and volunteer for YOUR PCA. There is something for everyone!!

  • Flyers outlining advertising opportunities to be delivered to local businesses
  • Newsletters to go to our neighbours' households - it can be one block or more as desired
  • Positions on the executive - check out the news section for the post with the position description/profile
    • president
    • treasurer
    • secretary
    • soccer coordinator
    • members at large

Participating at PCA meetings or the board does not require a designated commitment or for you to work alone. If you have an interest in coordinating a social event, we would love to hear about it and support it. Similar to one off events, our PCA positions can be done as a team. Spreading the work allows many to be involved with not as much work to do. We heard great feedback from our community with interest in social events and more programming but without volunteers, we are not able to accomplish these great ideas although we would love to do it all.

As demonstrated, Parkridge has currently lost its soccer program due to lack of volunteers. We do not want to see the same with our other programs. We would love to hear from all of you. High school students can confirm with their school and use time for their volunteer hours. Enthusiastic students and other young adults can build experience and add volunteer experience to their resume. We would love to hear from experienced and not so experienced adults as well. Here is an opportunity to use skills you have built or try something you have never tried. The PCA is a great team and the City of Saskatoon has lots of resources and support for those willing to try their hand at a new endeavour. You can gather some friends together and take on an event or task together. Please consider this opportunity to make Parkridge THE community to live in!  

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month (except summer) at James L Alexander School at 7pm. If you are unable to make the meeting, please don't hesitate to email either Michelle (parkridge.sk@gmail.com) or Sally (pca.sk.newsletter@gmail.com).