Happy New Year! Call for Feedback

Hello Neighbours - and a very Happy New Year to you all.  We are hoping that this year, Parkridge will be the Community Association to be envious of and we're starting the year with a "Needs Assessment Meeting".

The meeting will take place January 10th at James L Alexander School and will start promptly at 7pm - in the school library.  One of our PCA Executives will greet our neighbours at the door for those not familiar with the school layout.  We'll have refreshments so no excuse not to swing by and say hello!

We will start off our meeting with quick introductions and a little bit about where we stand as of now.  One of the main parts of the meeting will be to gather thoughts on everyone's needs - please be ready to list your "Top 10" things that are MOST important to YOU within our community.  There will be some overlap on ideas and we will then prioritise and discuss the most popular of those items and how to re-structure our PCA so that we can accommodate all our neighbours' needs. Some of you may have noticed that we have not delivered a newsletter as yet for January.  At our last meeting, it was determined that we would only print the newsletters 4 times a year now rather than 6 times and as there has been no feedback from any of our neighbours after multiple requests for feedback - we are unsure if this is even a required item now!  Please do let us know your thoughts on this.   

You will have noticed with our new website, we made mention of the fact that we are very short on volunteers and Board Members.  As we are currently without a Chairperson or Vice Chairperson, Michelle (Social Media Coordinator and School Liaison for St. Marguerite) and Sally (Communications Coordinator) have both stepped up to take on the positions of Co-Chairs.  Outside of their roles within the PCA, they both work full-time and have children in Elementary School and High School.  They will be running the meeting and are hoping for a really good turnout to see what our community needs.  As mentioned previously, our community is not the same as it was 5 or 10 years ago and will not be the same in 5 or 10 years time - so we really do need to know what YOU want in our Community.  

If you are unable to make the meeting, please don't hesitate to email either Michelle (parkridge.sk@gmail.com) or Sally (parkridge.sk.newsletter@gmail.com) and send in you Top 10 requirements to be added in.  Then watch this space for the outcome!