Needs Assessment and More Updates


Wow, isn't this weather something else?! What a change from the VERY cold temps we had recently. But this isn't news, so what is new?

We have had fantastic participation in our Needs Assessment survey so far. We really appreciate all the feedback. I am including a link to our full survey here. It has been posted to Facebook but we want to get it out to more people. If you have already filled out the one previously posted on the website, feel free to complete this one (optional). There are a few more questions that may help direct our resources. We will leave it open indefinitely, but we do plan to provide a report on what we have heard at our next PCA meeting. Don't worry...for those that can't make it, we will make it available on Facebook and on the website.


Saskatoon Phantoms registration is now open. There is a small announcement bar at the top of our page where we try to put short news. Clicking the bar may direct you to the resource in the news. In this case, it will take you to the Saskatoon Phantoms website. Or check out the programs section under softball/fastball heading.

St. Marguerite School has kindergarten information night on Thursday, January 26th at 7pm at the school. If you have a little one going into kindergarten in the fall, attend this meeting and get the information and even register!

How about high school?! Do you have a not so little one going into high school in the fall? Saskatoon Greater Catholic Schools and Saskatoon Public Schools are holding their high school open houses in the next few weeks. This is an opportunity to check out what the different schools have to offer and allow your teen to check it out.

Christmas Light Contest!! Great job Parkridge!! Your executive enjoyed driving around the neighbourhood checking out the great masterpieces. We may have missed some of you this year as we did go out after Christmas but we hope to do it just before Christmas in 2017. Get out and get your Christmas gear on sale and start planning for next winter!  

Due to a technical difficulty, the pictures have not been posted yet - so don't look for them. But I hope to have them up soon. The winners have been contacted. And we want to share their works of art, so stay tuned!

Positions available on the PCA executive - You may have heard that we have several positions available on our executive. Without volunteers, programs such as yoga, soccer, Day in the Park, community rinks and coordination for upgrades to catwalks/walkways may not occur. It may seem overwhelming to take on President if you have not attended a PCA meeting, but don't worry. We welcome all members of our community at our meetings. And any little bit of help is beneficial. We are a great team willing to work together to bring great programs, social events and work on safety issues - as a team! And some of you may just have the skills we need for roles such as secretary or treasurer. We hope to get job descriptions written and posted. BUT AGAIN, any help is GREAT! You can do some of the job, GREAT, come to our meeting or contact a PCA executive! You aren't sure what you can do, GREAT, come to our meeting or contact a PCA executive!